10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

isso wadey street food Sri Lanka

We are pretty sure that no one needs convincing to visit Sri Lanka… It’s an amazing country that, like Aphrodite, has many lovers!! But just in case you’re skeptical, here’s my top 10 list of reasons why you need to visit Sri Lanka right now!!

10) Compact Destination

One of the most convenient things about Sri Lanka as a holiday destination is its size. You can visit all the main cities and attractions and experience a whole lot in a very short time while not having to spend much money or time travelling from one place to another!

Tourist Map of Sri Lanka

9) It’s Cheap

One of Sri Lanka’s seldom known selling points is how cheap it is to travel here. The food, transport and shopping are much cheaper than most other countries. Yes, the cost of your airfare will be high, but once you get here, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how affordable things are.

Sri Lanka restaurant by the beach

8) Wildlife

Have you heard of Sri Lanka’s ‘Big Five’? They are the Blue Whale, the Sperm Whale, the Asian Elephant, the Leopard and the Sloth bear. Not only do you stand a chance to see these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat, but you also get to witness much more. Our forests are home to a variety of animals and bird life as well as insects and reptiles that include a lot of endemic species as well. You don’t have to be a wildlife enthusiast to be awed by what you see on a game drive at one of our many national parks.

The Wildlife at Yala National Park

7) Beaches

Now this you already knew about… Sri Lanka has been a favourite beach destination for years. An island surrounded by the Indian Ocean means that we have miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, each with their different features and personalities. If it’s the surf you’re looking for, Arugambay and Mirissa should be your top picks… If you’re afraid of the waves, try Nilaveli or Passikudah beach during the Summer months. If you’re a night owl, Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa have many interesting pubs and restaurants on the beach… But if you’re after something more quiet and relaxing, I’d recommend Thalpe, Mirissa or Tangalle…

Sandcastles at Nilaveli Beach Trincomale Sri Lanka

6) Culture and Heritage

With influences from all over the world as well as a mix of many differences races and religions, Sri Lanka has a very unique culture. Different cities and towns across the country have similar yet very different customs, traditions and behaviors!

Our rich history has left us with an abundance of interesting and significant places from our history. Eight of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sights. That’s more than what Egypt has!!

The Vatadage in Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

5) Tropical Climate

There’s nothing better than the tropics – Yes it does get very hot sometimes (specially around April) and yes, the unpredictable rain can dampen your travel plans, but with the right outfit and gear, it’s the perfect weather for exploring!

Happy tourists in Sigiriya Sri Lanka My Lankan Dream

4) Festivals

The eclectic mix of races, religions, cultures and traditions in Sri Lanka give rise to the many colourful festivals, parades and functions that take place around the country in throughout the year.

Vesak lanterns in Colombo Sri Lanka
Vesak lanterns in Colombo

3) The Food!

If you’ve come to Sri Lanka and have not tried as many different types of food as you possibly could have – You’ve really wasted your trip! Once again, many cultural influences have given rise to so many different types of food, drink and snacks that it’s impossible to try them all during a short holiday – but you should try as many as you can get your hands on!! From street food to main meals to drinks and alcohol, we’ve got a lot of ‘must-try’ options that you should scratch off your check list!

Street Food in Colombo Sri Lanka
Street Food…

2) The People!

I might be biased when it comes to talking about Sri Lankan people, given that I am one myself! But, we really are a warm, friendly welcoming bunch! May be slightly intrusive and curious at times, but it’s all with the intention of getting to know you better! It’s impossible to visit Sri Lanka and leave without receiving many ‘Sri Lankan Smiles’…

The Sri Lankan Smile - Flower seller in Kataragama Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan Smile…

1) Because it’s AWESOME!

It’s true… If you want a wild, magical, inspiring and beyond-your-wildest-dreams kind of holiday, then Sri Lanka is the destination for you! Just how amazing it is can’t be quantified or compared to anything else… But don’t just take my word for it – visit Sri Lanka and find out for yourself!

Happy tourist in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka



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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.. really useful loved it…and now i am dying for those golden isso vadeis( Crispy floor batter fry with fried prawns with skin on) A perfect evening time snack…one bite is enough to realize the truth….thanks for bringing back so many memories.

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