Top 3 Family Friendly Hotels in Colombo

Kids room at Cinnamon Lakeside

For those of you who are interested in visiting Sri Lanka but worry about your families’ comforts, you need not worry anymore. We’re giving you a local’s perspective on hotels we think are ideal for families with children to stay. We’ve listed the top three hotels in Colombo which best fits this category.

3) Tintagel :- At number three comes Tintagel. This boutique hotel  is located in central Colombo, but in a more residential area as the hotel was once the home of Sri Lanka’s former Prime Minister- S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike. This hotel does not have much in store in terms of children’s activities; though it brings out a home and home feel if you’d prefer spending your holiday in a quiet and quaint way. The hotel has 10 different suites two of which has a shared open balcony. It has two restaurants one indoor and the other outdoor and has a bar named ‘The Red Bar’, which has a separate Tapas menu of its own. The swimming pool is an indoor one which is secluded if you’d like to enjoy a peaceful evening swim.


Stairway Tintagel





2) The Mount Lavinia Hotel :- The second hotel on our list is The Mount Lavinia Hotel which is located a bit further away from central Colombo but is the closest location to enjoy the cities beach side. It’s one of the oldest hotels we have in Sri Lanka bringing in an ambiance of charm. This hotel is mostly chosen by visitors who want a romantic getaway; however, families could enjoy the best of both worlds as the hotel has many fun filled activities for the children to do.Their swimming pool is situated right by the outdoor dining area so that parents could keep an eye while enjoying either a meal or a drink. The kiddies’ pool is safely cordoned off from the main pool, and the staff is on the ball as they have a pool boy to keep an eye, which would also give you a peace of mind. Taking the kids meal preference into consideration, Mount Lavinia Hotel has a separate buffet just for the children having all kinds of food they’d like. Apart from this you have the whole beach to yourself as it’s private, secluded and can be enjoyed only by the in room guests.


Poolside at Mount Lavinia Hotel

The Terrace Mount Lavinia Hotel

1) Cinnamon Lakeside :- Our Number 1 pick is Cinnamon Lakeside, a hotel located at the heart of Colombo overlooking the Beira Lake. It has an atmosphere of adventure for children who love to run around and do something fun during their holiday as it has a tennis court, more than one garden and houses the city’s largest swimming pool. And as for the parents who have to keep an eye on their little ones from getting into any mischief, you too can relax while doing so as the hotel has more than one restaurant, and a bar which overlooks both the pool and Beira Lake. One thing that struck us the most was how Cinnamon Lakeside has gone that extra mile in ensuring the children’s enjoyment as they have tailor made a kiddies room just for them, with toys and snacks they’d enjoy.

Kids room at Cinnamon Lakeside

Poolside Cinnamon Lakeside

To conclude, the three hotels’ we’ve chosen are far apart from each other and has its  unique qualities we think would help you decide which hotel you’d like to stay in based on how you want to spend your holiday with your family. Be sure to email us for further information, or make an inquiry if you’d like us to plan your trip for you!


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