Top 3 Hotels In Colombo For Honeymooners

Maniumpathy - Poolside

From wedding bells to tying the knot, we understand just how important it is to having your honeymoon absolutely perfect. After all it is a trip to celebrate a lifetime with the person you love. Thus, if you’ve chosen Colombo to spend this special time of your life, we’ve got you covered!


3) Casa Colombo – Located in the central part of Colombo, surrounded by restaurants, bars, shopping centers and is just minutes away from the sea. Though there’s a lot going on around the hotel, you needn’t worry about being disturbed from the bustling city noise, because once you’re inside it’s complete serenity. A colonial building fused with modern interiors creates an illusion of being inside your own fantasy. Some could even say this boutique hotel was designed just for newlyweds, comprising of twelve unique suites differently designed from one another.

Casa Colombo Exterior
Casa Colombo – Exterior


Casa Colombo - Suite
Casa Colombo – Suite


Casa Colombo - Zaza bar
Casa Colombo -Zaza bar


2) Tintagel – Another colonial house turned into a boutique hotel located in a central and residential part of Colombo. It is the epitome of charm, with grand interiors, and spending your honeymoon over here would delineate absolute class. From the intimate setting to the quaint ambiance, you and your partner are sure to enjoy.

Tintagel - Exterior
Tintagel – Exterior


Tintagel - Bedroom suite
Tintagel – Bedroom suite


Tintagel - The dining room
Tintagel – The dining room


1) Maniumpathy- Is the first on our list for honeymooners, located at yet another residential part of Colombo, minutes away from the popular restaurants, bars and shopping centers. This boutique hotel brings out a very cozy atmosphere where you and your partner could experience the old school charms which prevailed when Sri Lanka was once known as Ceylon.

Maniumpathy - Bedroom
Maniumpathy – Bedroom
Maniumpathy - Exterior
Maniumpathy – Exterior
Maniumpathy - Poolside
Maniumpathy – Poolside



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