An Unexplored Coastline


Hambantota is a city that has always been famous for its salterns and as of late tasted the sweet flavor of development and commercial progress with a port, airport and highways being constructed in the district. Due to its location at the south end of Sri Lanka, exposing itself to endless ocean waves, Hambantota was selected for a pilot wind power generation project as well. It is otherwise a homely, hushed locale which has temples, paddy fields and is within close proximity to animal sanctuaries such as world famous Yala and Bundala.


The long lines of coconut trees continue along this stretch of the shore, creating a striking fringe for the Indian sea ripples that curl into long sand dunes in vivid hues of blue and azure. Since Hambantota is  away from Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo other than cities such as Galle and Matara, the shoreline in the area is less patronized. However , with a new port, airport and highway, Hambantota is better connected to the world allowing both local and foreign tourists to explore it more. The many kilometers of southern Sri Lankan shore are believed to end at the border of the Hambantota district as the country’s water’s edge serves upwards beyond Hambantota giving way to the eastern coast which is a gem of its own.


The climatic conditions in the tropical country are very conducive for beach holidays and beaches in Hambantota are accessible throughout the year. The southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, Point Dondra which is a quintessential stretch of coast, is not located far from Hambantota.


The more private the beach, the better in our opinion! Hence, if you too love to have the beach to yourself, we’d love to plan your next trip on the island!

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