Best Places To Visit in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Nuwara Eliya- Gregory Lake


Kandy is the cultural capital of the country because it has a long history in terms of the Kingdoms of Sri Lanka. The Dutch and the Portuguese attacked the city of Kandy several times in the past. But they managed to strongly hold on to their independence despite the falling of other cities around the island also being invaded by Europeans. Due to this strong endurance, several ancient traditions have been preserved in Kandy. Today it is the second largest city in Sri Lanka and is a picturesque one developed around a beautiful lake where boat rides are a must!

What to see in Kandy?

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

A royal palace complex of one of Kandy’s former Kingdoms houses the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Located just north of the Kandy Lake, this Temple is identifiable from afar due to its golden roof. The locals believe that this Temple is what gave the city the strength to hold on to its independence during tough times. Hence the significance of this sacred Tooth Relic is observed by Buddhists worldwide and it has thereby become a popular tourist attraction. The interiors of this royal complex are richly carved with wood, ivory and lacquer.

Kandy - Temple of the tooth


Royal Botanical Gardens – Peradeniya

Located in the Mediterranean climate of Kandy, the Royal Botanical Gardens are the finest of its kind in all of Asia. Peradeniya is the name of a town close to Kandy, which is where the gardens are located. Renowned for its unique orchid collection, these botanical gardens are 147 acres in size and have 10,000 trees and 4000 different species of plants.

Kandy - Royal Botanical Gardens

Elephant Orphanage – Pinnawala

Pinnawala is another town close to Kandy where an elephant orphanage is located which gives you the rare opportunity to get personal with a whole herd of elephants. It is a truly memorable experience to observe how the elephants are taken for baths, fed milk in bottles and given plants as meals. The domestic atmosphere has made the elephants very friendly and hence they are always welcoming to human visitors.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Nuwara Eliya

The English translation of the name of this town is “city on a plain” or “’city of light”, and just that it is. Located amidst the hills in the central province of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is the highest point (6000 feet) above sea level and is blessed with a cold climate throughout most of the year. This town was developed as recently as the 19th century and its breathtaking natural beauty, luscious tea estates and one of kind waterfalls are what lure visitors here.

What to see in Nuwara Eliya?

Gregory Lake

A beautiful and much sought after tourist attraction in Nuwara Eliya is Lake Gregory that is located at the center of the town. This is a man-made lake built during the British rule and is used for recreation and water sports today.

Nuwara Eliya- Gregory Lake

Horton Plains

The scenic grasslands of Horton Plains are a must visit during your stay in Nuwara Eliya. Breathtaking views and beautiful creatures are what you will see on this chilly and windy point in Sri Lanka.  Due to the widespread species of flora and fauna in this 3000 hectare plateau, Horton Plains was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2010.

Hortain Plains

Adam’s Peak

Mountain climbing adventure located in a beautiful area of the southern Hill Country, this lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries and been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years.

Adams Peak

Tea Factory Visit

Unique tea plucking experience with knowledge on the manufacturing process of tea.

Nuwara Eliya Tea Factory


With astonishing views of the Ella Gap, Ravana Falls and the Little Adam’s Peak, this small, yet beautiful town of Ella is a must visit during your holiday in Sri Lanka. Get set for a night of two of absolute relaxation alongside some of the most exquisite scenery that the country has to offer.


A wide range of beautiful landscapes all in one holiday destination is what you will find in your holiday to Sri Lanka. Not many other countries can offer tourists the opportunity to experience exotic beaches, serene greenery, unique wildlife as well as some history and culture, all in just a few days. So whether you are looking to spend some romantic time with your partner, quality time with your family or just have an adventurous holiday with your friends, Sri Lanka has an ideal itinerary for everyone. Drop an inquiry through our website and we’ll be glad to tailor make the best holiday for you!

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