Mud Safari

Last weekend was most definitely one for the books. As a child, my parents often exposed my sister and I to the wildness by taking us on numerous trips to different jungles in Sri Lanka. We’ve been fortunate to witness some of the most rare sightings – being up close and personal with leopards who roam about at night outside our bungalow, sloth bears who’ve literally been our morning wake up call; and charged by wild elephants countless times.

Nature enthusiasts? or trouble seekers? (I’d leave that up to you to decide!)

Sri Lankan elephant

This weekend I decided to set off on yet another adventure – and stay at a mud hut in Habarana. For those of you who may not know; most of Sri Lanka’s rural villages have their homes built in clay. Why? -It keeps their homes significantly cooler when faced with scorching hot sunlight and it’s the most available resource in those areas. You ought to give the local rural living a try, if you seek a true Sri Lankan experience.

What struck me the most about this trip   in particular, was when I was told we would be going on a mud safari. Those who go on any safari, go with the main intention to spot a few wild animals along the way in a jungle. However, in this instance, the main intention was to look for puddles of mud. You might be surprised but it was a challenge to look for a good mud puddle given the fact that we are in the midst of the dry season.Mud Safari

Our guide is an adventure driven enthusiast to say the least. He was determined to ensure we made the most of every moment and left no time to spare to reap the maximum out of every experience.

We drove off a beaten off track in a secluded forest which would have been impossible to drive on in any conventional vehicle.

Mud Safari

So how was the mud safari?

Personally, it was by far the craziest, most adventurous experience I have ever come across. To help you relate to what it was like, imagine yourself on a roller coaster but you were driven in a defender in the middle of the jungle instead.

If this kind of adventure is right up your ally and you wouldn’t mind taking up the challenge to try it out yourself, just drop an inquiry on our website and let us plan the most exhilarating holiday for you!

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